Backgammon image from Jagex website

Backgammon was an old Jagex game. It was featured on the Jagex website and based on the board game backgammon. Players played without logging in and had no form of account on it. They simply logged in and played someone across the internet. It was removed from the Jagex website when they removed half of their old games, promising they would be back soon. However it has not come back yet. However it could still be a long time before it comes back because Jagex still has many other old games to bring back and they are also creating new games as well. Jagex has currently promised at least three more games coming out soon and there are at least 10 other games in need of being remade so there will probably be at least three more games released before they remake Backgammon. Interestingly this was the only version of this game Jagex ever made. It is unknown why they never remade it but the most likely reason is probably that half the audience they aim their games at don't know how to play backgammon. It wasn't even on the Jagex site for that long.