Battle Cruisers
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Genre Strategy
Release Unknown
Multi-player Unknown
Battle Cruisers

Battle Cruisers.

Battle Cruisers was basically battleships. It was originally on Games Domain and became unavailable when Yahoo deleted it. It used a Games Domain log in. It was then later remade as Warships on the Jagex website.


The description on the Jagex website read:

Battle Cruisers

Sink your opponents ships before they sink yours in this 2 player naval battle. Part of the Castle-GamesDomain multiplayer games suite.


Objective of Battle CruisersEdit

To win the game, you must sink all of your opponents ships before they manage to sink yours.

Placing your shipsEdit

Once the game has started you need to place your ships. Do this by clicking on the grid, keep the mouse button held down, and move the mouse to drag out the length of the ship you wish to place. Repeat this until all your ships are placed. Alternatively you can choose to place your ships randomly.

Playing the gameEdit

Now you need to find and destroy your opponent's ships! Wait until it says it is your turn at the top right of the screen, then click a square on the bottom grid to drop a bomb. If you hit a ship you will get a RED cross, otherwise you will get a WHITE cross. You must take it in turns to take a shot until someone has sunk all their opponents ships and won!