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Genre Arcade, Platform
Release February 27, 2008
Multi-player Up to 3 Players on a single machine.

Bouncedown gameplay

Bouncedown is a platform game which can be played either as single-player or as multi-player on the same machine. It was released on the day of FunOrb's launch.

Description Edit

FunOrb description read:

A neverending series of platforms rise from the furnace below to the spikes above. Bounce too high and you'll burst on the spikes; miss a platform and you could fall into the furnace. How far will you be able to Bouncedown? Up to three players can compete in this fiendish, platform-filled game.

Gameplay Edit

Controls used in this game are the right arrow key and left arrow key. Players must use these keys to fall of on to moving platforms below. Players must not get impaled on spikes should they get too high or fall in the furnace at the bottom of the screen. There are several different types of platforms that do different actions. Players must be aware of the consequences of landing on one of them or they could lose quickly. As the game progresses, the platforms move faster, requiring quicker reactions. However, the score increment rate remains at 50 score per second throughout the whole game. Points are awarded depending on how long you survive before hitting the ceiling, falling in the furnace or being popped by Spike the Spike.

More Info Edit

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