Burthorpe Games Room

Burthorpe Games Room.


A Draughts board.


A Runelink board.


Runeversi board.


A Runesquares board.

Burthorpe Games Room is a RuneScape activity. Usually places on RuneScape don't deserve a place on the Jagex wikia however this one is relevant to Jagex more than any other place. Many old Jagex games have been remade here such as:


A remake of Checkers. Currently it is the only remake of Checkers.


Runelink was a remake of Quad-Link. Even though they remade it on RuneScape they still remade it on FunOrb and the Jagex website as TetraLink.


Runeversi was a remake of Reversi. There have been no other versions of Reversi.


The only game that is not a remake, some call this dot boxes.

Other gamesEdit

Jagex had put a billboard up on the side of the room promising that there would be a remake of Chess and SlimeWar. However these were recently re-made on FunOrb so the remake on RuneScape is unlikely.

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