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Genre Strategy
Release Unknown
Multi-player Yes



Checkers was originally on the Jagex site. It was based on the board game Checkers/Draughts. The only way to get on any Jagex version of Checkers is in RuneScape in the Burthorpe Games Room (a minigame involving 4 board games).

Description Edit

Its description on the Jagex site read:


Outwit your opponent in this 2 player game of skill. Part of the Castle-GamesDomain multiplayer games suite.

Gameplay Edit

Objective of Checkers Edit

To win the game, you must capture or trap all your opponents pieces. The game is automatically declared a draw if there are 40 rounds with no captures, or promotions.

How to play Edit

Each player takes it turn to move. Black moves first. Pieces you can move are indicated with a flashing blue circle. To make a move just click on a piece, and then click on the square you wish to move to.

Pieces can only move diagonally. If there are no enemy pieces to capture you can move any piece 1 square diagonally forwards. If however one of your pieces is adjacent to an enemy, and there is a space behind the enemy piece, you must jump over the enemy diagonally to capture it. (Even if you would rather make another move). If you capture an enemy piece, and there are further captures which you can make with the same piece you must move it again. If a piece reaches the opposite side of the board it is 'crowned'. It now behaves like before, except it can also move diagonally backwards, making it much more powerful.