CunningMOD 1.2 was the final version media player that featured on Andrew Gowers old site CunningMOD. It was arguably RuneScapes little brother program from when RuneScape was DeviousMUD. The argument for it being DeviousMUDs little brother is that they were both released and taken down within a week of each other and the fact that Andrew Gowers site was called Cunning and Devious Games and this was the only time he used both the word other than in the title. The argument against it was that one was a media library the other was a multiplayer game.

Description Edit

There are few descriptions of CunningMOD on the internet however a few have been found on Andrew Gowers site, these read:

CunningMOD is a library for DJGPP which enables you to add high-quality sound to all your games and programs, it can be used to add both background music in the form of (.xm) files and also sound effects.

It features:

*Play up to 64 samples simultaneously

  • 16 bit mixing for optimum sound quality
  • Optional sound interpolation for even better sound quality
  • Mixing routines written in assembler for optimum speed
  • Supports nearly all the usual effects found in (.xm) files
  • Can also be used to play sound effects at the same time as the music
  • Auto-mode allows you to play music/sfx in the background using interrupts
  • Manual-mode allows you to make sure these routines don't interfere with critical parts of your program.