Screenshots of DeviousMUD.

Many people think this game was an early version of RuneScape. This isn't true in many senses. However RuneScape did originate from it and they were very similar. It was made and then scrapped after two weeks. Then Andrew Gower made RuneScape Classic based upon DeviousMUD. However they were different. It also had a brother program called CunningMOD.

There were two versions which were:

Features Edit


Andrew: I made in by bedroom before jagex and everything
Andrew: Yes devious mud was first
Andrew: Keep meaning to make a youtube video of deviousmud
Andrew: So you can see it
Andrew: Devious mud was the prequel to runescape classic
Andrew: It was very unfinished
Andrew: It had about half of the sheep shearer quest
Andrew: And that was it for quests
Andrew: And it had about 2 half finished shops, and about 10 objects
Andrew: Not finished enough to release, but I'll try to make a video