Dungeon Explorer
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Genre Unknown
Release 2001
Multi-player Yes

Dungeon Explorer

A screen shot of Dungeon Explorer (note how similar the format is to FunOrb's game Dungeon Assault).

Dungeon Explorer was a game that featured on the Jagex website and Games Domain in 2001. It's seems very similar to Dungeon Assualt on FunOrb and it is possible this was an earlier version of it. Interestingly Games Domain changed its name and license after a while to Dungeon. However Jagex still called it Dungeon Explorer.

Description Edit

The description for Dungeon Explorer read:

Dungeon Explorer

Collect the treasure, but watch out for traps. First player to collect 12 wins in this game of skill & luck. Part of the Castle-GamesDomain multiplayer games suite

Gameplay Edit

Its instructions read:

Objective of Dungeon Explorer

To win the game you must be the first to collect 12 different treasures. Land on a treasure to collect it, but watch out for traps which can make you lose it again!

How to play

On your turn choose which way you want to move by clicking on the arrows at the top left of the screen. You will then move a random number of caverns in that direction as determined by a six-sided dice. The cavern you land on will be revealed and the appropriate action performed. The board is 8 by 5 caverns big. If your movement takes you off the edge of the board, then you will rebound from the wall, (at right-angles if you are moving diagonally or straight-back if you are moving in a straight line)

Cavern types

If you land on a treasure which you don't already have you will collect that treasure. If you land on a crossed out treasure, then you will lose that treasure (if you have it). If you land on a teleporter then you can choose to jump directly to any cavern of your choice. Just click on your desired location. You cannot carry more than one of each treasure at a time. If you manage to collect 12 different treasures you have won the game!