Fractal Overload is a fractal generator written by Andrew Gower.

"Here's my fractal generator. Unlike a lot of the fractal generators around this one doesn't have a super fancy interface, it lets you get straight into exploring by using the arrow keys, and + and - to zoom in and out. It's written with one thing in mind - speed. It's as fast as I could get it, and it's a lot faster than most other fractal generators around, so you spend less time waiting for the screen to draw, and more time exploring. You can also create 'zoom movies', if your press z the program spends a short while calculating how to zoom into the position you are currently looking at, it then zooms in and out at high speed. Very impressive! You can download the full program here, you can also get the source code to see how to do it (written using the DJGPP C++ compiler). If you want to alter it feel free, (leave my name on though!) I'd be very interested if you make any improvments, especially if you can speed it up some more."