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FunOrb consists of many minigames all on one site. You can view current games in summary here, but for more depth ensure that you visit the FunOrb wiki. The website is now Defunct and shut down on almost the same day as RuneScape Classic and RuneScape Chronicles.

Game Notes
36 Card Trick Voted the most bad game on FunOrb on a forum thread.
Arcanists FunOrb's biggest game. Gameplay similar to worms and Battle Zone. Many backgrounds relate to RuneScape.
Armies of Gielinor FunOrb game based on RuneScape.
Bouncedown None.
Brick-à-Brac Contains references to other games.
Chess Chess is based on the board game chess.
Crazy Crystals One of the puzzle levels had a picture of the game Hostile Spawn, but Crazy Crystals was released a month before that game.
Deko Bloko None.
Dr Phlogiston Saves the Earth Abbreviated to Dr P Saves the Earth.
Dungeon Assualt Remake of Dungeon Explorer.
Escape Vector None.
Flea Circus Remake of the original Flea Circus.
Geoblox None.
Hold the Line None.
Hostile Spawn None
Lexicominos None.
Miner Disturbance Not remake of Gold Mine although the names are similar they are completely different.
Monkey Puzzle 2 Remake of Monkey Puzzle.
Orb Defence The 'Norbs' in this game where taken from the forum suggestion about FunOrb 'Noobs' should be called 'Norbs'.
Pixelate Uses backgrounds from other games.
Pool Based on the game pool.
Shattered Plans None.
Sol-Knight None.
StarCannon None.
Stellar Shard None.
Sumoblitz None.
TerraPhoenix Has a 'To be continued...' at the end of the game.
The Track Controller None.
Tor Challenge None.
Torquing! The exclamation mark is part of the name.
Transmogrify None.
Vertigo 2 Remake of Vertigo.
Virogrid Remake of Ataxtix which was a remake of SlimeWar.
Void Hunters The only game on FunOrb without achievements.
Wizard Run The final boss is also the reward for a full book of fire on Arcanists.
Zombie Dawn None.
Zombie Dawn Multiplayer Multiplayer version of Zombie Dawn.

FunOrb could also be classed as a game in its own right as they have now released achievements for the whole of FunOrb and have listed them with the other games achievements. However it is not generally counted as a game as that is just a technicality.

This page is just a summary; for more in depth detail please visit the FunOrb wiki.