Future This article or section contains information about a scheduled or rumoured future release or update.
As such, the information found in this article should consist only of facts said in official Jagex releases, but NOT speculation.

There are many future games Jagex are working on. For previous games go to Old Jagex Games and for current games go to Current Jagex sites and games. The future Jagex software includes:

Software Description Notes
Aceraptor Jagex copyrighted this site and it redirects to FunOrb. It is most likely a future FunOrb game.
Armoureddestroyer Armoureddestroyer is a site Jagex copyrighted. It redirects to FunOrb so it is most likely a future FunOrb game. None
Dungeon Assault 2 A future sequel to Dungeon Assault on FunOrb. It will be one of the first games on FunOrb to feature two versions of the same game (the others being Zombie Dawn and Zombie Dawn Multiplayer). First mentioned in the Dungeon Assault 2 Development Diary 1 and later the Dungeon Assault 2 Development Diary 2.
FunOrb Central A central lobby for the whole of FunOrb. First mentioned in FunOrb questions and answers post and then in development diarys 1, 2 and 3.
FunOrb Poker Three sites under this name were registered by Jagex. May be a future Jagex game or may just be to stop scam sites.
Haxxors A game involving robots stealing data. First mentioned in the name a game thread.
MechScape MechScape is a planned futuristic game coming our sometime in the near future. It will be a MMORPG. It is expected to have similar elements to RuneScape but Jagex have said it will not be a RuneScape in space and will have many differences. MechScape may not be the final title, although many believe it is.
MechScape Members Beta The Beta for MechScape. Will be available to FunOrb and RuneScape members.
Pirate Empires A future FunOrb game based on pirate ships. First mentioned in the Pirate Empires development diary 1, 2, 3 and 4
RuneScape Classic (Gamma) A re-make of RuneScape Classic. Will have cheats and a very secretive "Surprise"!
StellarDawn Stellar dawn may be mechscape it is unknown what it actually is. Jagex have tried to keep it very secretive and redirects to funorb.
ThirdScape ThirdScape was a game on which Jagex worked. Now they are going to put ThirdScape into RuneScape as a new skill or mini-game (or both). Thirdscape is not it's official name. There are rumours, that ThirdScape could be "Never Ending Dungeon" ("Infinite Dungeon"), which Jagex trademarked recently.