Motor Trial

Motor Trial.

Motor Trail was a motorbike game that featured on the Jagex site during and around 2000. It was paired with another game called Speed Trial. It also featured on Games Domain. It had 4 tracks (see videos below).

Motor Trial 2

A completed game of Motor Trial.

Description Edit

Its description read:

Motor Trial

Race your motorbike in a scrapyard, swamp, city, or over a mountain in this great 3D racing game! Features 7 computer controlled opponents, background music, sound effects, hiscore table, etc...

Instructions Edit

Its instructions read:

Use arrow keys: Left & right steer your bike, up accelerates, and down brakes or reverses'

Try to beat the other bikes as you race around the track! Select a detail level to begin the game. Then click on the arrows to select a track to race on. Finally click the 'start' button to begin a race.

Gameplay footage Edit