Jagex used to have music other than on games. The XM Player was distributed in the year of 2000[source needed], which you could download from the Jagex website.

The XM music player was released free to anybody as long as they followed these terms and conditions:

You can freely copy and use this applet provided you abide by the
following terms:
1)None of the files are modified, or seperated.
2) When copying this applet this documentation must remain with it.
3) If the applet is placed on a webpage the message it displays must be
clearly visible for all visitors to see.
4) Reverse engineering, decompiling, or using any part of this applet in
any other applet/application is stictly prohibited.

Copied from the XM Player's readme.txt file.

Songs Edit

These were the songs were included with Jagex's XM Player on the Jagex website, but not in the .zip file download Andrew uploaded.

Artist Title Time
Jagex Software Chase to the Edge 02:02
Jagex Software Depth 01:50
Jagex Software Track 7 01:47
Jagex Software Vertigo 01:32
Moby/Sanity Bounga 02:47
MrMan/Andromeda Beneath Dignity 04:07
MrMan/Andromeda Distant Call 02:54
Snap/Arkham Under Pressure 01:01
Unknown Victory 05:15
Unknown Farlander 03:26