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Outpost 31 was a game on the Jagex website. Interestingly it also featured on the Games Domain site although Jagex never mentioned that. After a while they changed the name to Outpost on Games Domain. They changed then license completely and divided it into two seperate parts however there was very little difference. Jagex just redirected the link to Outpost 31 to the Games Domain Outpost however they did not change the description and did not mention it being on Games Domain at all. Each part only had three levels so this game only consisted of three levels and Outpost and Outpost 31 should have had six levels each. However on the Jagex site said that Outpost 31 only had three levels. There were cheats for it on The Bottomless Pit, these were:

  • "Outpost 31: Press * for lots of lives"
  • "Outpost 31: Hold / for more speed"

Description Edit

Its description read:

Outpost 31

As you escape from the outpost in this vertically scrolling shoot-em-up, you will have to fight past hoards of enemy ships. Features 3 levels, smooth parallax scrolling, cool explosion effects, 8 varied enemies and 6 levels of powerup.

Instructions Edit

Its instructions on Games Domain read:

How To Play Outpost 31 As you escape from the outpost, you will have to fight past hoards of enemy ships. Colliding with the scenery, enemies or enemy fire, will result in your ship exploding. You have 3 ships with which to escape, but an extra ship is earnt for each 1000 points you obtain by destroying enemy ships. You can also collect power-ups which give you more firepower, however if you die your next ship has 1 less level of fire power than previously.

Enemy Ships Edit

  • Blob Blob: These are fairly stationary and so are quite easy to avoid, they can also be destroyed with a few well aimed hits.
  • Scout: Unarmed, but still dangerous as a collision is fatal. These normally attack in large groups.
  • Gun Turret Gun Turret: Fixed wall mounted units which will try and shoot you down
  • Homing Missile Homing Missile: They hover from side to side and will try and destroy you by flying downwards straight into you.
  • Snake Snake: The erratic behaviour of these asteroids makes them hard to bypass or destroy.
  • Sentry Sentry: These craft move from side to side, and fire downwards to try and prevent you from passing.
  • Cruiser Cruiser: They are very dangerous, but are quite rare. They fire fast electrical charges at you, and can take quite some damage.
  • Explosives Explosives: Try to avoid shooting these, as when shot they release a lethal volley of ammunition downwards at you.
  • Power-Up Power-Up: Collect these by moving your ship over them, your firepower will be upgraded 1 level.