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Genre Strategy
Release Unknown
Multi-player No


Pairs was a basic two player game of matching cards. It is possible that 36 Card Trick is a remake of this however this is unconfirmed.

Description Edit

Its description read:


Test your memory to the limits with the pairs game. Take it in turns to reveal the books, and then try to match them up! Part of the Castle-GamesDomain multiplayer games suite

Instructions Edit

The instructions read:

Objective of Pairs

The objective of this game is to match up the books in the bookcase, and to find more matching books than your opponent!

How to play

On your turn, click on a book in the bookcase to reveal it. Try to remember where it is, and then try to locate the book with the same cover. At first you'll have to guess, but later you'll learn where the books are. If you find 2 books the same, they are removed. You are also rewarded 1 point and another go. The game ends when all of the books have been removed.