The Bottomless Pit (1998) was an old animation by Jagex that was listed as a game... It was a never ending animation of a spinning pit. It would display a series of messages, each with a delay of around 5 seconds at the bottom of the screen while an animation of falling into endless darkness was shown, and then the messages would start over once they were all displayed. There was also a seamlessly looping sound of a falling noise The Bottomless Pit is no longer available on the Jagex website. However it can be found at If you would watch The Bottomless Pit for long enough, you would discover that it actually tells you cheat codes for various Jagex games, but those who would use the cheat codes would not have their scores saved to the high scores table. This was the second version of the bottomless pit, the first being The Bottomless Pit (1997).it's still possible to watch thre real version in the archive but you will need the luck and and old pc is requiered it's a strange fact but it's true also the bricks are placed horizontal and not vertical like the fake version and its a lot faster it's turning more around it's also kinda larger and from the andrew gower e-mail starting the transcript will change totally from the fake version also the andrew gower e-mail part is not in the fake version.


Jagex Limited Presents
You are now falling down a genuine bottomless pit
It's a long way to the bottom
Because it's bottomless
In fact jumping down a bottomless pit is a BAD idea
A VERY BAD idea!
There's no way out now
You're falling
down and down and down
further and further
at least you're not going to land on anything hard
because you won't land
did I mention that this is a BOTTOMLESS pit?
still falling
it's getting pretty boring isn't it?
you'd better get used to it, you have an ETERNITY after all...
This pit took a long time to dig
But it was worth the effort
Let this be a lesson to you.
You should never jump down strange pits
You're still falling
This pit was programmed by Andrew Gower
Feel free to send me an email whilst you wait
It is a proven fact that jumping down pits is bad for you
bottomless pits, doubly so.
You are falling
You will continue falling!
[evil laughter]
You are STILL falling
when I said this pit was bottomless
I wasn't lieing
Deeper and deeper and deeper
Down and down
I'll let you know how to earn free-money, no catches
as soon as you reach the bottom of this pit
does that sound fair?
Has the sound driven you mad yet?
Every pit should have a genuine continuely falling sound
I daresay this pit is very good for annoying your neighbours!!
I hope you have the volume nice and loud
by the way you are still falling
it's a very repetative pit isn't it?
you have to bear in mind that by now you are falling very fast
so you can't see much detail anyway
I daresay you've reached terminal velocity anyway
Are you still reading this?
Well done!
You must really like bottomless pits
I bet you get bored eventually though
after a few years maybe
by which time you will have gone totally insane!
Hmm still no sign of the bottom
Perhaps if you wait just a little big longer...
After all a bottomless pit would be impossible!
Or would it?
The only way to find out would be to wait forever
And I doubt you have that much time spare
In case you haven't noticed
You are still falling!
and just to make things more interesting
you are spinning as well
After all, I wouldn't want this pit to get boring
That would be just terrible!
Since you have waited this long...
Here are some cheat codes
For various JAGeX games
Outpost 31: Press * for lots of lives
Outpost 31: Hold / for more speed
Goldmine: Press * to skip levels
Meteoroids: Press shift+[ for invincibility
Meteoroids: Press shift+] to skip levels
Meltdown: Press shift+[ for lots of lives
Meltdown: Press shift+] for more speed
Using a cheat disqualifies you from the hiscore table
None of the other games have cheats
And giving password lists here would take far too long
You haven't stopped falling yet
Perhaps this pit is bottomless after all!
Could this message be bottomless as well?
You do realise that
the longer you fall down this pit
The harder it will be to climb back up!
It has been pointed out to me that
This pit can get pretty hypnotising!
Some people just can't stop falling
For your own safety you should stop now!
There's really nothing more interesting to see
Here is an email I receieved, which
attempts to explain this pit:
A bottomless pit is really bottomless
But it isn't nothing
What is nothing?
Nothing can't be something
Because something is anything not nothing
But nothing must be something
Or else it wouldn't be anything
Even though we call it nothing
. . .
Well I think I'm even more confused than before
And I was pretty confused to start with
Have you noticed that this pit
is getting quite warm now?
Perhaps you are approaching the centre
of the earth!
But if that happened you would stop falling
And whilst the pit would still be bottomless
You wouldn't keep falling for eve
Like I originally promised
I can see this could be a slight problem
Luckily this is a 'magic' pit
Perhaps you are just getting hot
Due to air friction
Stands to reason really
You are still whizzing down the bottomless pit
Falling down towards certain...
Well falling down anyway
If you ever reach the bottom
Be sure to let me know!
Oh, I forgot, it's bottomless...
Well even though the pit is bottomless
This message isn't
So it's starting again now...
. . . .
(It then repeated itself..)