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Genre Word, Puzzle
Release March 12, 2008
Multi-player No

Transmogrify gameplay.

Transmogrify is a word game.

Description Edit

FunOrb description read:

Transmogrify is an exciting word-based game, which will test your anagram-finding skills to the max! Beginners can aim to race the clock or rack up a high variety bonus; experienced players can aim to do both at the same time, and everyone can seek that elusive 12-letter word!

Bonus points will be given to those who create the longest and most varied words.

Gameplay Edit

The objective of Transmogrify is to assemble words out of letter tiles randomly generated each turn. Letters can have different values: for example X may be equal to 10 while R may be equal to 2. The values of letters depend on the language. Upon making the word in the top row and submitting it, the player will be awarded points for the tiles used plus a bonus for creativity. The word will then go to the middle row and the tiles will change colours signifying that the values have increased. All tiles will start out blue then turn to green, tanned, and finally red, with each colour change corresponding to a 2 point increase in the value of the tile. The tiles from the previous word can be used in the new word but will vanish if they are not used. Sparkling tiles are "bonus tiles" and if used will double the value of the word. They will then cease to be bonus tiles, so there is always precisely one bonus tile available to use.

Players have 10 rounds to make as many points as possible. In addition to the points for the tiles and for variety, already mentioned, there is a bonus based on the time taken. This final score will then be submitted to the highscores and players can choose to restart the game. (Note: You cannot submit the same word twice.)

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